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Our learning and development programs help organizations ensure employees are professionally skilled and equipped in their sales & marketing roles through curated trainings, workshops and individual professional development courses.

What we do?

Curate and deliver employee growth trainings through Agile or Lean methodology across Sales, Marketing and Business Development teams.

How we do?

Incorporate professional growth learnings aligning to business goals with flexi-trainings, individual skill assessments and team building exercises.

Professional Development Programs

On demand Customised journey for every Individual

Additional To Professional Development Programs

On-job Skill Assessments
and Performance Review

Learning and Development
(Content Kit)

1:1 Interpersonal Sessions
(Leadership Mentoring)

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L&D workshop for teams (online & offline)

Customized trainings/ regular professional development workshops curated specific to your sales and marketing teams. This includes virtual or in-person sessions to empower the teams on their on-job skills, critical thinking and problem solving techniques. The workshops not only has interactive sessions but also Q&A sessions with every individual. Post workshop, as supporting element, the entire learning content will be delivered in doc, pdf, audio or video recordings. This can be provided as onboarding experience to new member in the team or can be advanced as you grow as a team.

Certification Courses with e-learning modules

Looking to help your teams with specific skill set or up-skill or provide professional development opportunities? Our certification courses on Digital Marketing, Content Marketing/SEM, GTM strategy and execution, Social Media Marketing, Brand Management, Revenue Gen Marketing helps professionals develop skills through e-learning modules, live sessions with mentors and finally hands-on learning with on-job requirements. We are just more than certification courses and live projects.

Individual Development Programs (IDP) with micro-learnings

If you’re a startup or a growing team, we understand the need of employee development programs beyond upskilling the resources. We guide and train your employees individually, not just to enhance their sales and marketing skills but also equip their knowledge base with current on-job requirement based on their pre-skill assessment. The training will be specifically curated to each individual based on their roles and their requirement to understand the current market trends.

Employee engagement programs
(webinars or seminars)

Looking for quarterly, half-yearly or yearly employee engagement programs to upskill sales, marketing and business development teams? We got you covered with our customized programs to engage the team with new learnings and take them through new experiences in sales enablement, marketing communication and PR, business development, brand positioning and messaging, GTM approach and methodology, creative A/B testing etc.

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